Chilkat Kings in Extinction threat.

No one is willing to say the dreaded word “extinction” but that is what may happen if radical changes aren’t made immediately. Poaching is one area to start now. Many Subsistence fishermen target Kings, even so called environmentalist, and speak about it openly. Stop poaching now.

Article here about recent suggestions to protect the fish. 

Haines Watch video about king poaching.

Chilkat Kings in Trouble.

The story of the Kings in our area continues to be bleak. Government agencies are always shy about putting blame out there. Old school locals say that it used to be thick with kings. You could catch them off the Letnikof dock and get your limits easy. What happened? How about damage to the habitat up the road from logging, mining, and road construction? Poorly managed fisheries and hatcheries play their part ( see up coming article). The next industrial undertaking will certainly cause more financial and environmental damage to our future.

KHNS story about our Kings here.

Chilkat River

Governments and the Environment pay the true costs of mines.

In a true capitalist system the mining company would pay all the costs and reap all the benefits. Mines are only profitable because the true costs are not paid for by them. Mine companies are true giant government welfare recipients. People get rich and the governments and environment suffer. The future suffers.

Article about the clean up of the  mine above Juneau that is polluting the waters there.