Haines Large Scale Clear Cut.

From “Friends of Chilkat” on Facebook.

“Despite significant and strong public opposition to such massive large-scale logging by large non-locally owned industry for export of wood products to Asia, local foresters and State DNR are pushing ahead with this project. Sustainable fisheries in the Chilkat depend on a healthy watershed. Small locally-owned logging operations serving the local community are better in way one looks at it. We are already seeing the impacts of melting glaciers and warming water temperatures and altered streamflows as a result of global warming. This huge industrial-scale logging operation is short-sighted. Watersheds need their trees to keep their temperatures and streamflows regulated.”

Read KHNS story here. 


CBC News picks up Constantine Mine story

CBC Yukon is a good follow on Facebook for people from Haines and Skagway. They seem to be following the story of our mining threat closely. Maybe because it is close to them, it is a Canadian  mining company, and that so many people from Whitehorse love to come to Haines for the fishing and wildlife viewing.

View CBC Yukon’s posting here. 


Haines Highway Reconstruction a Farse

The Haines Highway in the USA is one of the easiest, safest, mountain environment roads anywhere. It is almost completely flat with no grades to speak of. There are no off cambered turns or other dangerous conditions. It is simply easy to drive and safe.

So why is a $100 million dollars being spent on it? Good question. First it’s a welfare grab to keep DOT and construction crews getting paid for years. Second it is a big give away to industries that don’t even exist yet!! Large scale mining, mining materials from Canada, pipeline building assistance, etc all do not exist yet but are the true reason for the terrible money waste. No wonder we have so much national debt.

Do not Industrialize Haines.

Most recent article on the road here. 



Alaska Clean Water Advocacy stands up for Haines

Slowly but surely a vocal opposition is starting to rise up against the Constantine Mine in Haines Alaska. Just like Bristol Bay, people are realizing we have to much to lose with a mine that  would be too dangerous to not fight.

A renowned filmmaker just passed through town and was heard saying that we have all the ingredients to fight a mine like this. A ancient native village, the only bald eagle preserve in the country, a healthy tourism industry, subsistence fishing, commercial fishing, and sport fishing. All of these could be destroyed by a mining accident.

Informative article about our rivers, “Mining Salmon don’t Mix”.