Constantine mine’s study of their current financial effect on Haines.

Mines never stop costing the people and environment in and around their locations. Right in our backyard the Faro Mine will be a nightmare environmentally and financially for many years to come. Maybe forever!! Below you’ll find 3 articles. The first 2 show what is going on up in the Yukon at the old Faro mine site.  The third is the report put out by Constantine about Haines. Figure it out yourselves.



Faro mine  costs and clean up article here. 


Mining costs and compensation to natives article here. 


Constantine’s benefits estimates here. 


Chilkat Kings in Extinction threat.

No one is willing to say the dreaded word “extinction” but that is what may happen if radical changes aren’t made immediately. Poaching is one area to start now. Many Subsistence fishermen target Kings, even so called environmentalist, and speak about it openly. Stop poaching now.

Article here about recent suggestions to protect the fish. 

Haines Watch video about king poaching.